FARO BuildIT Construction 2018.5 SP2 x64

FARO BuildIT Construction 2018.5 SP2 x64

BuildIT Construction is the name of engineering and specialized software in the field of validation, evaluation, positioning and monitoring of designed parts. In fact, this software is able to facilitate and expedite the possibility of monitoring parts as well as location. In fact, with a very accurate evaluation based on three-dimensional analysis, you can make a very detailed analysis of the designed parts. You can also use this software to quickly reduce costs by quickly detecting errors and problems in the system and components.

BuildIT Construction software is able to meet all your needs in all stages of quality control and improvement. But the main and practical feature of this software is simulation with the help of three-dimensional scanning. In this way, you can achieve accurate analysis and measurement of parts simply by performing three-dimensional scans. This can save you a lot of time. Other features of this product include performing BIM validation, tolerance and positioning assessment, and component monitoring.

It should be noted that this software is considered as a complementary product for BuildIT Metrology program. This means that with the help of the tools and facilities of this software, you will be able to examine and evaluate the parts and structures designed by the mentioned software.

Features of BuildIT Construction software:

  • Very accurate measurements of structures and parts made
  • Three-dimensional simulation of columns of designed parts and structures
  • Locating locations for design or redesign
  • Identify and find the objects and parts you want
  • Adjust the original BIM in the built-in position
  • Very careful review and monitoring of the tolerance assessment of parts and structures
  • Four-dimensional analysis to confirm changes over time

Installation guide

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