Fast data transfer with Huawei Phone Clone software

Phone Clone
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Huawei Phone Clone software allows users to transfer information between two smartphones with high speed and very easy.

Buying a new smartphone , apart from feeling good, usually challenges the user to transfer information from the previous phone to the new one, and normally transferring information is hard work and time consuming. There are various solutions to this problem, and one of these methods is to use cloud services to create backups and restore data with its help. But in most of these methods, some information may be lost in the transfer process or we may have to repeat this process many times.

Aware of this problem, Huawei experts have developed a program called Phone Clone that is simple and easy to use and performs the data transfer process in an encrypted way to fully ensure the security of the transfer.

What is Huawei Phone Clone software?

The Phone Clone app has been developed as a new solution by Huawei experts to allow easy transfer of information from the user’s previous smart device to his new phone. With this application, you can establish a simple connection between the two devices and easily transfer content such as photos, videos, music, contact lists, messages, contact lists and other information. This program has many capabilities and features.

The data transfer process is easy, fast and without the use of cables and there is no need to have the phone internet enabled. Another noteworthy point is that the use of the Huawei Phone Clone app is not limited to Huawei devices, and data transfer from all other brand devices is supported, even with the iOS operating system.

Huawei Phone Clone software

This app can be downloaded and used for free from reputable markets such as Huawei App Gallery, Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Free and at no extra cost

There are many ways to transfer information between different electronic devices, but most of these solutions cost money. With Huawei Phone Clone, data transfer can be done for free. In addition, you do not need to use Wi-Fi or mobile Internet, and you can start data transfer only by scanning a code (QR Code) or connecting to the connection point of the new phone.

Speed ​​and security

Huawei Phone Clone software allows data transfer at speeds up to one gigabyte per minute. In addition, the use of encryption in the wireless network will ensure the security of the transmission. This way, you will not need to back up your data to the cloud, and you will not need to use storage devices such as flash memory and hard disk.


Using the Huawei Phone Clone is quite simple. In the first step, it is enough to install the Phone Clone application on both old and new phones. In the next step, communication between the two phones will be possible by scanning a QR Code on the old phone.

Huawei Phone Clone software

Finally, simply select the files that need to be transferred to the new phone and select the Send option. After a while, the transfer will be complete.

This application will be especially useful for new Huawei phones that use Huawei mobile services or HMS, because users can easily transfer information and applications that were previously installed on their phone to their new phone.

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