FastStone Capture 9.4

FastStone Capture is a powerful and lightweight program for taking photos and videos from the monitor screen. It detects and captures almost anything you see on the screen. You can easily take a full screen photo or video or restrict the workspace to a specific program or window. You can take screenshots separately from the menus. You can easily capture a fixed area of ​​the screen. Even for complex cases, you will be able to set the shooting range freely or the so-called Freehand.

Using this program, you can also take quality images of web pages and scrolling windows. This app is not just a tool for shooting. In terms of movie recording, the features of this software are remarkable in their kind. With a few simple clicks you can enter the video mode and all mouse movements, keyboard beats, high quality input sounds and appropriate volume are recorded. In terms of video recording, this program produces a more compressed file than its competitors, which will be very interesting for those people for whom the volume of videos is important.

After completing the video and photography operations, a menu will open through which you can create various outputs from the file to the clipboard, printer, email, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even FTP. Also, before preparing the output, you can use the versatile editor of this program to apply all the necessary corrections to the desired image, and then proceed to prepare the final output. This editor has convenient features such as taking notes, using arrow keys, numbering, watermark, resizing, cropping the photo, blurring parts of the image, sharpening the photo, image effects and many other features. Other features of this program include the ability to scan images, define multiple shortcuts, auto-name and save images, color picker tool to save the desired color from anywhere on the screen, screen zoom tool, ruler and

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