FEA LUSAS Academic v19.0-2c1

LUSAS is one of the leading software in the field of structural analysis. Using finite element analysis, the program tries to provide accurate solutions to linear and nonlinear problems, thermal and dynamic, and static strength of the structure.

This program has different applications for different industries, for example in the bridge industry to analyze and evaluate the types of columns, floating, concrete, cable bridges, civil engineers can use for the purposes of analysis of building structures, factories, geotechnical and structural analysis Marine and aerospace specialists can use this product for their engineering analysis and many other similar applications.

This program is offered in several versions, the academic version of this product is offered for educational and research purposes and meets all the needs of scholars. LUSAS contains a comprehensive guide for all topics of structural analysis from two-dimensional analysis, linear, load application on the structure, measuring the strength of materials and تا to static analysis and geotechnical analysis in earthquake mode and vibration analysis and.. This complete guide is very helpful for new students who are weak in the practical applications of these concepts.

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FEA LUSAS Academic v19.0-2c1

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