FEDEVEL Academy - Schematic & PCB Design Course 2013
PCB Design

FEDEVEL Academy – Schematic & PCB Design Course 2013


PCB Design &  Schematic Course is the name of a popular course on the FEDEVEL Academy website for teaching schematic design and printed circuit board (PCB) in Altium Designer software. This course teaches you techniques, tips, and tricks that can help you design more efficient boards and achieve professional results.

The instructor of this course will give you more than 10 years of experience in designing motherboards, processors, and microcontrollers and will teach you everything you need for schematic and PCB design. It is noteworthy that this course requires basic knowledge of Altium Designer software.

The Schematic & PCB Design Course is a practical course that shows all the things a person really needs to do to design a printed circuit board. Students, engineers, professionals, and anyone interested in designing a printed circuit board can use this course to acquire the necessary skills and strengthen themselves, and at the end of the course are able to produce the desired professional output. And design their own boards.

 What do you learn at the Schematic & PCB Design Course:

  • Starting a project: useful folder structures, importing reference schematic, collecting and sorting documents
  • Schematic design: Drawings, transformations, and useful tips for making legible schematic
  • Selecting components and building libraries: How to select design components to prevent problems during production and how to build useful libraries
  • footprints, 3D models, and starting a new printed circuit board: How to make footprints and 3D models for PCBs
  • List of raw materials (BOMs): Professional formation of BOMs, manufacture, and use of variants
  • Check libraries and schematics: Proper review techniques to design boards that work smoothly on first use
  • PCB Layout (Part 1) and Layout: Layout and Layout with Tips and Tricks
  • PCB layout (Part 2), impedances and accumulation (Part 1): Improving the layout and design of accumulations
  • Accumulation (Part 2), PCB Completion and Length Matching: HDI Accumulation and Final PCB Review
  • Generate output documents: add important information for manufacturers, how to produce professional documents, draw assemblies, Gerber files, and more.

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Specifications of Schematic & PCB Design Course:

  • Publisher: FEDEVEL Academy
  • Instructor: Robert Feranec
  • English language
  • Training level: Advanced
  • Number of courses: 10
  • Duration: 10 hours and 50 minutes

Schematic & PCB Design Course chapters

  • Part 1 – Starting a new project | 01:02:16
  • Part 2 – Schematic design | 01:00:51
  • Part 3 – Selecting components and creating libraries | 00:54:19
  • Part 4 – Footprints, 3D models, starting a new PCB | 00:59:27
  • Part 5 – Variants and BOMs | 00:56:02
  • Part 6 – Checking Libraries and schematic | 01:04:10
  • Part 7 – Layout (part1) and placement | 01:20:18
  • Part 8 – PCB Layout (Part2) and Impedances, stack up | 01:08:22
  • Part 9 – Stackup (part2), finishing PCB and length matching | 01:13:59
  • Part 10 – Generating output documentation | 01:10:25


  • A computer that allows you to run Altium Designer.
  • This course requires some basic knowledge of Altium Designer. If you’re just starting with PCB layout, you may want to look at the Switching Power Supply Course first



PCB Design

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