FEI Amira 6.0.1 Windows

FEI Amira 6.0.1 Windows

Amira is a powerful and versatile software platform for visualizing, managing and understanding cross-sectional radiographic data, microscopic data, MRI data and images, and other imaging techniques. With its incredible speed and flexibility, the program allows research professionals in a variety of disciplines from molecular research to cell biology, neuroscience, and life sciences to present their data in a very accurate and beautiful way in the form of three-dimensional models. Have advanced to enable them to more scientifically study the scientific field. In this program, using a large number of tools, various parameters are calculated, including volume, area, distances, angles, concentration and distribution, and…. Using this program, professionals can extract a variety of useful statistical information from the input data, which may impose unimaginable difficulties in manual mode.

Amira is not a simple claim in the production of 3D models, but in practice it has appeared very successful, this program with various 3D manufacturing techniques offers very accurate output models that are of very high quality. You can easily use different colors to separate the parts of the model. It is also possible to make initial edits, such as trimming extra parts. Finally, if you need to present the results of your research, you can easily produce attractive and engaging presentations using this program. You can add attractive animations to your presentation to better understand the subject. Use the videos and sounds you want. Where there is a need for additional explanation, make a note 

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Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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