Fekete FAST FieldNotes

Fekete FAST FieldNotes

FAST FieldNotes is an efficient software for collecting data and recording findings from oil wells. This program is able to record and analyze this data manually or instantly and electronically. The program can calculate and record oil and gas flow rates using AGA3, AGA7 and AGA8 methods. One of the important advantages of this program is its powerful graphical interface. All information is displayed in tabular form in separate tabs and users can easily compare and monitor different data together and together.

The data obtained from the operational tests of this program can be easily transferred to other software such as WellTest and ValiData. In addition to this software, there is a Viewer with which users who have not installed FildNotes on their system can easily view the output files of this program. This program displays different events and test results in different tables. Each table has columns in which different factors are measured in each column and its values ​​are recorded in the table.

You can easily compare the summary result of the current state of the test with the state of a few hours ago. See the differences and obtain meaningful data by analyzing these values. Another interesting feature of this software is the meaningful display of data with different colors, for example, white means that there is not enough information to calculate the desired invoice, green means that the calculations were performed successfully and the result is the exact amount of the invoice. Has been measured. We advise oil engineers, especially those who are in the field of exploitation of oil wells, not to be unaware of the capabilities of this software.

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Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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