FESTO FluidSIM 4.5d / 1.70 Hydraulics

FESTO FluidSIM 4.5d / 1.70 Hydraulics

FESTO FluidSIM is a comprehensive software for creating, simulating, training and studying electropneumatic, electro-hydraulic, digital and electronic circuits. All program functions such as combining different media forms and knowledge resources are available. FluidSIM has an intuitive chart editor with distribution of all components, photo components, cross-sectional animation and video display. As a result, FluidSIM can be used not only for the lesson, but also for its preparation and as a self-reading program. FluidSIM also provides a range of capabilities for communicating with other software through OPC / DDE.

Features and specifications of FESTO FluidSIM software:

  • Create simulations for pneumatic and hydraulic
  • Available all functions
  • Includes an interactive circuit viewer
  • Drag and drop feature support
  • Use as personal study and training
  • Provide a wide range of possibilities for communication between other products

Installation guide

This version does not need to be installed and will run by clicking on the fl_sim_h.exe file in the bin folder of the program.

The dida folder, which contains the program tutorials, has been separated due to its large size.

This version was installed on May 10, 1998 in 64-bit Windows 10 and was successfully activated.

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Download FluidSIM 4.5d / 1.70 Hydraulics

Download (FluidSIM 4.5d / 1.70 Hydraulics Tutorial (dida folder

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