FibPlus 7.7 Full Source for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo

FibPlus 7.7 Full Source for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo

FIBPlus is a flexible and easy-to-use library for Delphi, C ++ Builder, Kylix components, and ADA objects used to work directly with InterBase and Firebird (Yaffil).

This library has been created for database application developers to be used according to customer requests and interests from the very beginning when they start a development process.

Features and specifications of FIBPlus component:

With FIBPlus you get a variety of valuable benefits such as:

– FIBPlus supports all versions of InterBase from 4.0 onwards, Firebird from version 1.0 onwards (including embedded Firebird) and Yaffil.

– In applications based on FIBPlus you do not need any middleware (for example ODBC, BDE and…). You only need standard client software (gds32.dll, fbclient.dll).

– Compatibility with any type of standard and components aware of third-party data and report builders TDBEdit, (TDBGrid, TDBChart,…, InfoPower, DevExpress, EhLib, IntraWeb, ASTA, FastReport, QuickReport, Report Builder, Context Database Designer, TMS Scripter Studio, TMSAdvDBGrid, DataAbstract, Fast Query Builder, Rave Report, Rubicon, Jazmine (JCW))

Better performance compared to similar cases, especially since TpFIBDataSet runs about thirty to forty percent faster than TpFIBDataSet on IBX and also consumes about sixty to seventy percent less memory is also three to four times faster in search.

-Unique features such as query repository setting field, error message repository, concentrated exception range, unicode support and much more…

– Buyers of this software benefit from free updates and receive new versions that are released throughout the year for free.

– Multilingual support

– Fast data operation

Installation guide

The embedded versions are cracked and complete and do not need to be activated.

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Download FibPlus_7.7_FS_for_Delphi_10.2_Tokyo

Download FibPlus_for_Delphi_10.1_Berlin

Download DevRace FIBPlus + Editors + Tools & SynEdit 2015 Full Source DX10 Win32-Win64

Download FIBPlus 7.7 Full Source with Editor

Download the special edition for XE7 and XE8 editions

Download the special edition for XE3 to XE6

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