FIFA 21 features on PlayStation 5

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Every year, game developers make a lot of efforts to solve problems and at the same time make games more attractive, in the meantime, gamers are advised and decisions are made in this regard according to their experience as well as the desires of users. All these efforts are made to improve the user experience.

EA Sports released the next version of FIFA 21 in October 2020, despite problems with Covid-19, which has disrupted various industries, including football. This date coincides with the new generation console, and PS4 owners are curious to know what new features are in the FIFA 21 PS5 .

Gameplay and graphics upgrades

The release of FIFA 21 takes place around the same time as the next-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox X series consoles, so the game is expected to be better and more realistic on these new consoles.

Along with the Madden NFL 21, FIFA 21 will feature “next” EA Sports updates. These include a variety of graphics and gameplay enhancements, including new features that are only available on the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game.

The new haptics controller, thanks to the DualSense PS5 game console controller , lets you “feel the rhythm of the game in your hands” and respond to passes and tackles very quickly.

New dribble enhancements allow users to have more tools when approaching defenders, including fast work in face-to-face situations, skill moves such as dribble bridges and spin rotations, as well as smoother control and faster response control.

There are also more options for creative running to move the team, including things like passing, going straight and locking players.

An all-new natural animation system has also been added that enhances the overall feel of the gameplay with smooth ground interactions – especially for features such as goal scams, midfield battles for possession and attack duels.

Stadiums are more like their real counterparts, while the appearance of the players has become more natural.

In addition, in-game sound effects have been improved, while there have been improvements in humanization outside the ball to give players a more realistic reaction when playing.

EA Sports has also promised that there will be the fastest loading time for FIFA 21, meaning that players do not have to wait long to start a match when starting the game.

Another addition to the gameplay that can enhance the realism of FIFA 21 is the VAR. While artificial intelligence does not require the help of a video referee in the game, it is part of football.

The latest team icons

The new FIFA 20 icons include people like Kenny Dalglish, Ian Wright and Ronald Koeman, as well as cover star Zinedine Zidane, but what does FIFA 21 bring?

There is currently an extensive list of past players in the FUT, but there are still significant absentees, not to mention those prominent stars who have recently hung up their boots forever.

For example, the champions of Rome and Italy, Francesco Totti, as an icon, and John Terry of Chelsea and Nemanja Vidic, former Manchester United defender, as an icon are on the next list.

Other icons include Gabriel Batistuta, Philipp Lahm, Cafu and Tim Cahill.

One symbol that is unlikely to appear in FIFA 21 is David Beckham, who has contracted rival EA Sports Pro Evolution Soccer to appear only in their game.


Ultimate FIFA team

Users who play Ultimate Team can join their friends online and compete for FUT Co-Op gameplay prizes.

Players can work together in Division Rivals and Squad Battles and compete for brand new Co-Op goals, with the added incentive for gamers to be rewarded for playing together and winning.

Carrier Mode

The latest FIFA game replay to improve popular popular job mode, with deeper matches, transfers and training – along with more practice and match clarity, more options for weekly schedule scheduling and increased AI.

Carrier Mode also allows players to have more control over the outcome of each match using Interactive Match Sim, which is designed to improve player development.

Improving player development allows users to have more control over their team’s individual growth, turning defenders into midfielders and taking on other items to fill more roles in the team.

The new player feedback system allows gamers to have a greater audio understanding of their players’ physiological and psychological states at the beginning of the game by accessing the mood, clarity and readiness of certain members to perform.

Voltage changes

New Volta mode in this ps5 game ; There was a lot of excitement as EA Sports tried to capture the classic FIFA Street game with a little football.

The latest improvements in Volta mode allow players to play more street football with the addition of Volta Squads – a gameplay feature that lets four players play together or alongside other Volta football players in five-on-five games. .

The new special battles mode allows players to play against star players and AI-controlled teams to compete for points and rewards.

Leagues and competitions

The FIFA EA Sports series has long been the most widely used football simulation game for officially licensed players and teams, but in recent years they have suffered huge losses.

Juventus, for example, did not exist in FIFA 20, while River Plate and Boca Juniors were not initially available. It also had some licensing issues for international teams, including Brazil and Chud. They will not be able to take back Juventus, but they may be able to make up for some with the addition of more officially licensed matches.

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