Find apps for your Huawei phone more easily with the App Search app
App Search

Find apps for your Huawei phone more easily with the App Search app

App Search

App Search is Huawei’s latest solution to circumvent sanctions! With this program, you can find Android applications for your Huawei or Honor phone.


These days, buying a Huawei or Honor phone is a different decision. The experience of using phones with these two brands will be different compared to other Android devices, because it is no longer possible to use Google applications and services in them. Of course, US sanctions against Huawei can be circumvented! For example, a few steps were taken to install Google applications on Huawei phones . Then it was time to develop a special way to install Google Play Store on Huawei phones . However, if the user does not like Huawei and Honor, he will get out of trouble and buy an Android gadget from another company.

Among Huawei’s tricks to circumvent the sanctions were the development of Harmony OS ‘new mobile platform, as well as the launch of the App Gallery. The latest action of this company is the development of App Search application.

Normally, without following unofficial methods to circumvent the US Huawei embargo, you should use the App Gallery, Amazon App Store, Ipika Pure, and other Android software stores to install apps on Huawei and Honor smartphones. However, according to Google, it is not safe for Huawei users to download Google Play Store apps .

Huawei has launched an App Search app alongside the App Gallery to help its smartphone users find the apps they need. Using it is something like searching for Android apps in the Google search engine and outside the Play Store.

App search app and gallery app together

Huawei has a dedicated software store. The review of the App Gallery showed that at present, its limitations and shortcomings can be overcome through the two stores Amazon App Store and Ipika Pure. It is interesting to know that the development of the gallery app dates back to before the US embargo on Huawei. The company has always encouraged users, especially Chinese, to use it. One of the reasons for this is that most of Google’s software is banned in China. However, its many limitations prevented Huawei and Honor users from ever taking the App Gallery seriously.

The largest Chinese handset maker now has special offers to encourage developers to work with the company to increase the number of AppGallery games and apps. Huawei, for example, is giving developers more profit with the goal of expanding the App Gallery store .

AppSearch is a separate application from the AppGallery Store. Inside the app gallery, searching for the name of an app will lead to a dead end if it doesn’t exist, but the search app helps you search for apps that aren’t even in Huawei’s own store. Unfortunately, there is no news about the apk file and installation package for the programs found. Instead, you will be referred to other sources for installation, such as the Amazon App Store, Ipica Mirror, the developer website, or especially the App Gallery itself. App search can be considered as a kind of search engine for Android applications for users of Huawei and Honor phones.

Huawei’s goal is to persuade more users to avoid circumventing US sanctions and installing the Google Play Store or Google Apps using unofficial solutions. Although Huawei is not upset about such tricks to remove the limitations of its smartphones, in practice it is reluctant to do so and prefers users to stay away from Google!

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