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Find My Kids
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the issue of caring for children against social harms has become a virtual topic, and in the meantime, various solutions have been offered for this issue. Naturally, when it comes to injury care, virtual injuries are especially important, and this has led a number of developers to consider developing child care apps remotely.

The Find My Kids app helps you track your young child or younger sibling remotely; Whether tracking your physical condition or the activities you are doing on social media.

Find My Kids app

Make no mistake, this does not mean spying on the child and violating his privacy. Find My Kids is not hidden in your child’s phone and its activities are completely obvious, and on the other hand, it does not have access to any private content in the phone and informs the parent and child in a two-way way. But what are the capabilities of the application?

Location tracking is the most important thing in Find My Kids. By installing this app on the parent and child’s phone, the parent can see the position of his children on the map and solve his worries whenever he wants. There is even an important feature in the app that if your child is in danger, he can ask you for help by pressing a special button.

The reverse is also possible. This means that if for any reason you are worried about your child, you can alert him or her to call or text you. Find My Kids goes even further and allows you to hear live sounds around your child’s situation. This is very important for traveling in neighborhoods with a history of robbery and kidnapping.

Find My Kids app

But Find My Kids has another important possibility, and that is nothing but monitoring the use of applications. Want to know how many hours of your day your child surfs on Instagram? With this app, you will find out how much you use these apps, and if necessary, you can restrict your child’s use of this space.

There are two ways to communicate with your child through this app. Connect to your child’s smartwatch or, if he or she does not have one, connect via his or her smartphone and install a simple tracking app called Pingo ( Android – iOS ). Fortunately, this communication app is designed so that it can not be easily removed from the child’s device, and this can greatly reduce your worries.

The good thing about Find My Kids is that its features are not necessarily for the care of young children. If you have elderly parents who are worried about their travels, you can also use the benefits of this application. In this case, you will no longer have stress about them being far away and Find My Kids will be a source of encouragement for you that your loved ones are in perfect health.

Find My Kids app

The Find My Kids app is not free and requires a fee and subscription fee to provide its services. But if you want, by searching the Persian web, you can reach the Mad version and unlock the application, in which these restrictions have been removed. In addition, there are many applications similar to Find My Kids that you can browse as needed.

What do you think about such applications? Do you think that monitoring children in this way is an effective way to ensure their physical and mental security, or do you generally disagree with that? Your opinion, whether positive or negative, is very important to us. So do not hesitate to express your experiences and views.

Find My Kids

Find My Kids

Price : Free (with in-app payment)

Manufacturer : REFRESH, OOO

Operating system : iOS and Android

Size : 412/48 MB