find network information on any device
find network information

find network information on any device

find network information on any device

All networked devices, such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and everything else, have a unique MAC address and an IP address on the network. There are many reasons why you may need these addresses. So in this article we will look at how to find this information on all devices.

Note that these methods show the IP address of the device itself. You are probably connected to the network from behind a router, so your public IP address, or IP address on the Internet, is different and you have to find it differently.

Windows 10

This information can be accessed much faster on Windows 10 than on previous Windows. Click on the WiFi icon in the notifications section or system tray, and then click on the Network settings link. If your connection is not Wi-Fi, you can open the Settings app and select Network & Internet, then select the connection type and look for additional information.

In the window that appears, click on Advanced options. You can also access this window by opening the Settings app and going to Network & Internet> Wi-Fi. Scroll down the page and see this information under Properties.

Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

You can find this information in other ways on previous versions of Windows. Of course, this method also works on Windows 10. Just open the control panel and under Network and Internet click on View network status and tasks, click on Change adapter settings, right-click on the connection you are using and select Status. Click the Details button below the Connection section to see the list of information you were looking for.

You can also access this information by opening the Command Prompt window and running the ipconfig command:

Mac OS X

The easiest and easiest way to find this information on Mac OS X is to hold down the Option key on your keyboard and click on the WiFi icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen. The IP address is visible next to the phrase IP address. In this section, you have other information about the wireless network and the IP address of your router.

You can also find this information by clicking the Apple menu in the menu bar at the top of the screen and selecting System Preferences, clicking the network icon, selecting a network connection, clicking Advanced, and then clicking the TCP / IP tab. The MAC address can be found in the Hardware tab.

IPhone and iPad

To find this information on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with Apple iOS, first open Settings. In the Settings section, tap Wi-Fi and then the “i” icon to the right of the Wi-Fi connection you are connected to. On this page you will see the IP address and other network details.

To find the MAC address from the Settings app, go to General> About. Scroll down the page and look for the Wi-Fi Address.


On Android you can find this information in the Settings app. Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the notification bar, tap the gear icon, go to the apps list, and tap the Settings app. Under Wireless & networks, tap the Wi-Fi option, then the menu button, and finally tap Advanced to open the Advanced Wi-Fi screen. The IP address and MAC address will be visible at the bottom of this page.

As usual with Android, these options may be in slightly different places depending on the manufacturer of your device. The above process is done on Nexus 7 with Android 6 Marshmallow operating system.

Chrome OS

This information is available on the Settings page on Chromebooks, Chromboxes, or any device running Chrome OS. The fastest way to access this information is to click on the status area in the lower right corner of the page, then click on Connected to and click on the name of the network to which you are connected. This will open the info page.

You can also open the settings page by clicking the menu button in Chrome and selecting Settings. Now click on the name of the WiFi network you are connected to at the top of the Settings page and then click on it again.

The MAC address is inside the Connection tab and the IP address is visible in the Network tab.


In newer Linux distributions, this information is readily available from the Status or Notification section. Look for the network icon, click on it and select Connection Information. In this section, the IP address and other information will be visible. The hardware address is the MAC address of the device.

If you have access to the terminal, run the ifconfig command. Do not do anything with the “lo” section. All the information you need is listed in the “eth0” format.

This process is similar on other devices, such as game consoles. You need to open the Settings page and look for the Status page to access this information. A page titled Network should provide details of the network connection. This list may also be on the About page. If you can not find the information you need, it is not bad to search the name of your device on the Internet.

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