Five Android applications for text to speech

After a tiring day at work looking at your computer screen all the time, you return home and enjoy reading your favorite book. what are you doing? Do you stare at your computer or smartphone screen twice or try a smarter solution? Android users have good text-to-speech software that lets you listen to your favorite book instead of staring at the phone screen.

Application software uses a speech-to-speech engine to convert text to speech. The Android operating system is equipped with a text-to-speech (TTS) engine that allows you to do just that. Some programs only convert text to speech and do not provide any other functionality to the users, while some of them, in addition to doing so, have the ability to pause, resume the read text, go to the previous or next paragraph and so on. Do. In this article, you will get acquainted with five powerful applications in this field that are provided for Android phones.

1.Voice Aloud Reader

Voice Aloud Reader It is one of the most popular software in this field. Once you have downloaded and installed the above software, a guide for using this program will appear, which is intended for beginners. This program provides users with various methods for reading text. The easiest way is to copy the contents of a text file or page from a site to convert the text application to audio. Another way is to open the file. To do this, you need to click on the folder icon at the top of the program window. Fortunately, it supports PDF, Doc, and HTML file formats, as well as text within the TXT file. Interestingly, the program allows you to enter the URL of a page in the search function to hear the content within the page verbally. The third solution that this program gives you is to click on the share button in other applications and then select the Voice Aloud Reader program. In this case, the text is added to the TXT tab and you can listen to it.

2. Talk Free

Another popular application is Talk Free . A program with a simple and smooth user interface, which of course does not provide you with many capabilities. This program allows you to hear the text in spoken form in other software. Of course, it is possible to enter text from web pages in the browser you are using. To enlarge the text size, you can touch option A at the top of the screen and change the foot size with the Text Size slider and the font in the Font Style section. The ability to type to convert text to audio is also embedded in this program. Talk Free saves the text you add and displays it when you open the app.


Pocket is a great app, especially when you have saved articles that you plan to read in the future. It also provides text-to-speech. As a result, if you send an article via the Share menu in Android for the above software, you will be able to hear it orally. To turn the text of a story into audio, you have to open the story and touch the headphone icon at the top of the screen. While listening to the text, touch the back button and view the text normally. In this situation, the text is read aloud and at the same time the part that is read is visible. This technique simplifies a closer look at the text being read.

4. Narrator’s Voice

Unlike the previous program, Narator’s Voice is not included in the sharing options, but still allows you to hear it orally by copying and pasting text. While this app does not have the capabilities of previous apps, it does allow you to apply sound effects while listening to text. You can select sound effects such as Reverb, Echo, Deaf Mode, and Speech Effect. It also lets you convert text to an audio file, share it, or save it as a file on your device.

5. T2S: Text to Voice – Read Aloud

T2S It has a unique feature that includes a separate browser. This unique feature allows people who spend a lot of time on the Internet to hear the text of the pages easily and with less hassle. To use the software’s internal browser, run it and touch the menu icon in the top corner of the screen and select Browser. If you have already selected the address of a page, the address will automatically appear in this section and will be loaded by touching that page. When you share the content of a page with the app, you have two different options. When sharing options appear, you can open a website or copy the content and listen to the content without having to leave the browser. Of course, the above feature is not normally active.

It should be noted that this feature may not work properly on all devices, especially if you have set the device solutions to save battery power. If the Copy-to-speak feature does not work properly, it is best to enable the Keep Running feature. By activating the above option, the program will read the text that you have copied and a notification will also appear in the notifications section.

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