Fix Auto Closing App Issue in Android Phone

Auto Closing App
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Fix Auto Closing App

to solve the problem Auto Closing App Issue  in Android, you need to pay attention to a few points:

1- Check the phone memory: The full memory of the phone is one of the main reasons for not running programs. If the phone memory is full, empty it and then run the program.

2- Update the program: Sometimes the incompatibility of the installed version of the program with the Android version of the phone becomes a problem. So update your app and Android.

3- Reinstall the program: Once, delete the program completely from the phone and reinstall it.

4 – Restart your phone: Sometimes a simple restart solves the problem of jumping out of programs.

Clear the cache of the program: Always one of the main ways to eliminate a software bug is to clear the cache. Then go to phone settings and clear the app cache.

6- Check Internet connections: To run applications that are online, such as Telegram, Instagram, etc., connection to a high-speed Internet network is the main condition. So check that your internet volume is not exhausted.

7- Incomplete program installation: We suggest that you always download your desired programs from reliable stores such as Google Play. If you have downloaded the program from unreliable sources, you will also have trouble jumping out of the program.

Solve the problem of jumping out of the game on Android

To install the game on Android phones, you need to consider a series of tips. For example, when installing an application on Android, only the memory and the Android version of the phone are empty, but when you want to install a game on your phone and use it, in addition to the above, the amount of RAM and processor is also important. So it can be said that one of the main reasons for jumping out of the game in Android is not paying attention to the amount of phone RAM. Of course, there are other reasons that by examining them, you can find the problem and solve it more easily. Of course, the mentioned solutions are not only used to solve the problem of jumping out of the game, but you can also use them to fix various errors or black screen while playing.

1- Amount of RAM: As we said, the main factor for installing the game on Android phones is the amount of RAM and processor of the phone. For example, to install heavy games, you need at least 1.5 GB of RAM and a multi-core CPU.

2- Internet connections: You need to be connected to the Internet to run some games.

3- Android version of the phone: Some games are only installed on certain versions of Android. So when downloading the required Android game, match your Android phone.

4- The language of the phone: This may be very trivial in your opinion, but sometimes the Persian language of the phone also has an effect on the occurrence of such problems. Then change the language of your phone.

5- Creating a Google account: You need to have a Google account to run some games. Then create a Gmail account and in the Accounts section of your phone, in the Accounts section, select the Add account and Google options, respectively, and register your account.

6- Empty the cache: Empty the desired game by referring to the phone cache settings.

7- Low phone charge: Yes, low phone charge can also be one of the reasons for jumping out of the game in Android!

8- Restart your phone: In some cases, restarting the phone will solve the problem.

We also suggest that in addition to the solutions mentioned above, you also check the points mentioned above about the games installed on Android.


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