Fix the game installation problem – computer game installation method

game installation problem
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Fixing the game installation problem + how to install a computer game

In this article, we will review the problem of installing a computer game 

If you are also interested in computer games and try most games, especially new games,

You may encounter an error installing the game, or problems occurring that you can not install; Therefore, in this educational article, we try to provide you with the solution of the game installation problem + how to install a computer game at your service, dear ones. be with us…


How to install a computer game

In order to be able to install the game easily and not get involved in various errors, you need to know and follow a few tips.

Let’s review the most important points together:


Fixed the game installation problem by providing the required system

One of the most important reasons that you have trouble installing the game and fail at this stage is not paying attention to the prerequisites of the game you want.

If you buy the game, it usually has a label on the box or cover that says all the prerequisites for its installation, you must pay attention to these points because it is very important.

If you downloaded the game installation file, most likely the required system is written where the download link is, you can find out whether the game can be installed on your system or not according to these specifications.

In either case, the specifications mentioned in the prerequisites are as follows:


Operating System :refers to the required and compatible operating system;

CPU : The  processor that can run this game is introduced here;

Ram : RAM is the temporary storage of information on the system. The higher the memory, the faster the computer and, in fact, the faster your programs run.

Ram is very important for the good performance of the game, and if your system RAM is low, surely your game will run very badly and will have a lot of lag.


To check the installation operating system, CPU and Ram of your computer system, you must follow the following path:

  • Right click on My computer or This pc and select Properties;
  • In the page that opens from the Windows edition section, you can check what Windows you have installed;
  • From the System section, find the Processor option, the phrase written in front of it is your system cpu and its specifications;
  • And the Installed memory option refers to the amount of RAM on your computer.


Fix game installation problem


Hard disk : This item declares the amount of space occupied by drive c by the game; If you do not have this amount of space, unfortunately the game will not be installed.

Video Memory : Graphics memory, or v ram, is the amount of graphics card processor memory.

To find v ram you must use the graphics card panel installed on the system; Depending on the graphics card brand, the path to this option varies, but is usually referred to as Dedicated video memory (Nvidia graphics card) or Memory size (AMD graphics card).

You can also use the CPU-Z program, which in addition to v ram, provides all the hardware information of your computer.

These are the minimum hardware required to run the game; This means that the program can be run, but for better results and proper execution of the game, you must have better hardware; Usually this better hardware is mentioned and you should pay attention to it.

Fixed the game installation problem by installing game essentials

In addition to the specifications required for each game, software is usually required to run the game on Windows.

If you go to the game installation folder, it may have folders called tools or Support that have the requirements to run the game properly; Of course, if not, you can download.

Usually these softwares are needed to run most games:

  • Microsoft .Net Framework: If with a Net Framework error. If you encounter it, you must install this software.
  •  Visual C ++ Run time Library: If you encounter a Visual C ++ or msvcp.dll or MSVCR.dll error, this program should be installed.
  • DirectX: If you do not have this software, XINPUT1_3 Dll or d3dx9 or OpenGL error will occur.
  • valvE Steam: If this software is not installed, a Steam error must be running.
  •  Origin: This software is also usually needed for EA games like FIFA, and if it is not installed, you will encounter the Origin is Not Availabe error.

Fixed game installation problem with  correct game crack

But if you have all the relevant prerequisites, make sure that the antivirus is disabled during installation and disconnect from the Internet. This is because the games are cracked and if the antivirus is active, it will consider the installation files as a virus and delete them.

Also, if the Internet is connected, it may be connected to the server and the crack will be removed and the game will not be installed and run properly.

Help and how to crack the game is usually placed in the game installation folder.

One of the errors that usually occurs due to the game not being cracked is the Insert Disk error.

Fixed the game installation problem by running the game in Administrator mode

If you skip the game installation reader but you are surprised to see that the game does not run, do not panic!

Maybe the game needs to run in admin mode and has all the permissions, you have to give it these permissions;

Follow the steps below to do this:

  • Right-click on the game icon and select Run as administrator

Or operation so that you do not have to repeat it every time! Do the following:

  • Right-click on the game icon and select Properties;
  • Open the Compatibility tab;
  • Check Run this program as an administrator.
  • Select OK to save and apply the changes.


Fix game installation problem


In this way, your game will always open with Admin access and no problem will occur.

Fix the game installation problem by installing or updating the graphics card driver

To run the game properly and smoothly, one of the most important parts is the graphics card driver. Make sure the graphics card driver is installed and check that it is not old and outdated;

Follow the steps below to check if the graphics card driver is installed or updated:


  • Open the Control Panel and select Device Manager (if you do not see this option, set the View to Large Icons mode);
  • In the page that opens, click on the icon next to Display adapters to see the graphics card drivers;
  • If there is an exclamation mark next to this option or a phrase like standard vga is written, it means that the graphics card driver is not installed, so download and install it;
  • If the name of the graphics card is without an exclamation mark, just check that it is up to date;
  • Right-click and select Update driver;


Fix game installation problem


  • In the window that opens, select Search automatically for updated driver software.


Solutions to fix the game installation problem

Fixed a game installation problem by making Windows compatible with the game

If after installing the game, the game screen turns black or you encounter a Stopped Working error

But in most cases, the problem is the incompatibility of the game with the version of the operating system, which you can solve with the following method:

  • Right-click on the game icon and select Properties;
  • Open the Compatibility tab;
  • From the Compatibility mode section, check the Run this program in compatibility mode for: option;
  • Now select Windows compatible with the program from the corresponding drop-down list (it is better to choose Windows XP SP2);
  • Finally, click the Ok button to save the settings.


Fixed a game installation problem


One of the errors that you may suffer due to incompatibility of the operating system is the Available Memory Less Than 15m error, which can be easily fixed with this solution.

Fixed the game installation problem by fixing  dll errors

Files with the dll extension are important system files whose damage or deletion can cause Windows to crash or some programs to run.

Games, like other software, need these files to run, and if you do not have the relevant dll file, you will encounter an error;

 One of these errors is the xlive.dll is missing error, which means that this file has been deleted from Windows and you have to download and reinstall the Games for Live package.

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