Fixed the problem of not recording the screen in Android 11


7 solutions to solve the problem of  not recording the screen in Android 11

Among the interesting and new features that were introduced in Android 11 were screen capture and chat bubbles. But apparently some users are complaining about the Android 11 update, claiming that the screen capture is not working properly. If you are one of the users who have encountered this problem, join us to review seven ways to troubleshoot the Screen Record problem in Android 11.

Users may experience various problems with screen capture in Android 11. While some users complain about not recording audio with video, others complain about the quality of the recording quality. Many users have also raised the issue of stopping recording in the middle of the road. In the following, we will examine the different solutions to solve these problems in Android 11.

1- Restart your phone

This problem can be temporary if the Screen Record does not work properly and stops abruptly. Just restart your phone, sometimes this simple action will solve your problem.

2- Steps of use

Screen Record

Follow correctly

You can access the Android 11 screen capture feature only through the quick settings. If screen recording is not shown, check out the different ways to fix this problem in Android 11.

After accessing the screen capture feature in Quick Settings (just drag the notification panel down to access Quick Settings without entering the settings), tap  Screen Record . A screen containing the screen recording settings is displayed. Activate the toggle next to Record audio or Show touches on the screen.

To select a recording audio source, tap the small arrow next to Record audio. You can select Device audio or Microphone or Device audio and Microphone. Finally, tap Start.

Note: You can find your recorded content in the Library> Movies folder in the Google Photos app. You can also access it through any other gallery app on your Android phone.

3. Disable Force Desktop Mode

If “Force desktop mode” is enabled in the Developer options, it is likely that in

Screen Record

nv encounter audio or video problems, it’s a lot. So you have to disable it. To do this, open your phone settings and go to System> Developer options. You can also find Developer options by searching for settings. If you can not find Developer options, go to other solutions. In the Developer options section, look for Force desktop mode. Disable the toggle next to it. Restart your phone, you should be able to record without any problems.

Tip: Check out the 5 hidden features of Develop options on Android phones and tablets.

4- Activate notch

If your recorded video looks pixelated and compact, it could be due to notch. Have you disabled notch on your phone? Well, it’s time to reactivate it. To enable notch, go to Settings> System> Developer options. Scroll down and in the Drawing section, look for Display cutout or Simulate a display. Tap it. Instead of Hide, select Device default from the list. Restart the phone.

5. Remove headphones and handsfree

If you try to record internal sound on your phone, you need to remove the headphones or other accessories such as headphones or Bluetooth speakers. After removing the accessories, select Internal Audio in the Screen Recorder Audio settings and start recording.

6- Deleting third party apps

The presence of other third-party screen capture apps can interfere with the normal operation of this feature. You should delete all of these third-party apps and then see if you can use the feature

Screen Record

Android 11, do the recording.

Note : You can put your device in Safe mode to eliminate problems with third-party apps.

Supported apps

Because screen capture is a new feature in Android 11, few apps currently support it. Therefore, it is possible that you will encounter problems when using this feature in certain apps. Even if Google does not specifically mention it, due to digital rights management (DRM) restrictions, you may not be able to record audio using apps like Spotify, SoundCloud, etc.

Professional Tip : If you cannot record audio while using the Device audio option in Record audio setting, play the sound through your phone speaker loudly and hold the Record audio setting on the microphone. Of course, the sound quality will not be very good.

Record phone calls using the on-screen recorder

Did you know that you can record phone calls using a screen recorder? In the Record audio option, select the Microphone option and place your call on the speaker.

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