Flaretot Pro

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Flaretot is an application software for designing evacuation systems to burner. In petrochemical plants, waste gases are burned in a flammable burner to reduce their risk to natural resources. This software is provided specifically for the design of these burners. Flaretot has been marketed by four experienced engineers with the support of 100 years of experience in designing, managing and building these systems and is one of the rare software in this field. Unlike other similar products, this product has provided all the needs of engineers in a compact package so that users can do all the work they need in the project through a single software interface. Since this program is designed and implemented with C ++ language and does not use side libraries, its execution speed is high and its volume is small, and you will not need any special prerequisites to install it.

Features and Features of Flaretot:

  •  Rich user interface for designing a variety of burner discharge networks
  • Includes plumbing management in different categories and sizes
  • Apply a variety of loads to the network to measure system performance in critical situations
  • Ability to customize different parts of the project based on user needs
  • It has 10 calculation modules for calculating torch-dependent systems and equipment, such as calculating torch radiation intensity, atmospheric dispersion, various calculations for valves and control valves, calculating the amount of gas required for cleaning and unit conversion modules, and…
  • EOS Physical Character Simulator to generate required characteristics and VLE
  • Easy learning program
  • Low program size and easy installation
  • Integration of several scattered packages into a single product to increase the focus of engineers
  • Software stability and minimal error (this program is fully coded with C ++ and does not use external libraries)

Installation guide

See the Readme.txt‌ file in the Crack folder.

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