FlatStyle XE5-10.3 Source Code

FlatStyle is a set of VCL components for Delphi that provides all GUI interface design components (buttons, edit) in Flat style. Using the Fast Style component set, you can update the appearance of your programs with beautiful, advanced and functional flat components.

Features and specifications of FlatStyle component:

  • Provides a set of functional GUI components
  • Easy control and personalization
  • Design various menus

These components are published in the following three sections for Delphi;

  • VCL: Same as standard Delphi components but provided in Flat mode.

Installation guide

To install the Fast Style component, just select one of the specified folders according to your IDE version, and then make sure that for each edit there is a file with the dpk extension that you must open and install in the IDE.

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Download FlatStyle for XE5-XE10.3 Source Code

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