FmxLinux 1.44

FmxLinux 1.44

FmxLinux is a toolchain that authorizes Linux application development using the Embarcadero Linux and FMX compiler. More specifically and conceptually, this component or tool is a combination of two main components:

Run Time (RunTime): The implementation of the brand new FireMonkey for Linux U is strongly synchronized with the native Linux runtime.

Design Time Management: An IDE expert that allows you to add a Linux platform to an FMX project and install it with this component.

Features of FmxLinux:

  • Provide Ubuntu quality style as the default Linux mode
  • Real cross-platform development, application focus and this tool makes it for Linux.
  • Coding and debugging the Delphi development environment or IDE. All RAD Studio features are available.
  • And …

Installation guide

Listed in the Readme file.

! The files are well compressed.

download link

Download FmxLinux 1.44

Download FMXLinux_1.40 Retail

Download FmxLinux_1.36 Retail with Source

Download FmxLinux_1.34 for Delphi 10.3 Rio

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