Folder Lock 7.8.1 Multilingual

Folder Lock is a powerful software that can be used to lock, encrypt and hide any file, image or document in a matter of seconds . Files locked by this program can not be deleted and can not be moved, copied or accessed in any way, only unlocked to create such features for the user. You can set the security range of the software. This software can also be used on portable components such as USB.

You do not need to install this program on another system to release the locked files. This program protects your files, even if you change your operating system or enter SAFE MODE, access to the file is limited and you must release it from encrypted and locked mode. It is not possible to delete the program folder and you can not uninstall this software unless you enter the correct password. Encrypt your files to protect them from external threats such as viruses and و and not allow access to curious people.

Features of Folder Lock:

  • Encryption on external hard drives, USB ports and portable components
  • Protect files, even in safe mode and dos
  • Unable to bypass, it is not possible to delete the program
  • Avoid potential threats, hide images and files from public view
  • Automatic protection of your computer

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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Download Folder Lock 7.8.1 Multilingual

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