Food that you do not eat before exercise

do not eat
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do not eat before exercise

The elements that we will introduce in this article may be healthy foods and drinks for the body, but it is best to avoid consuming them before starting your workout because it will harm your performance.

Just because food is good for your body doesn’t mean you can eat it while exercising. Every athlete has a different body. Some people cannot digest high-fiber foods much, and some people cannot eat foods that are high in fat.

Before starting to exercise, it is best to avoid the substances on this list.

  1. Flax seeds:

Since flaxseed is a rich source of fiber, it can naturally soften the stomach and help improve the digestive system. But this is not a good thing when playing sports. Not only will eating flaxseed not help you, but it will also cause you problems during your workout.

Although eating small amounts of flaxseed can help cleanse the digestive system, overuse of it, especially without water, can cause constipation  or decreased bowel movements. If you consume less than two tablespoons of flaxseeds, you can be sure that you will not need to have a bowel movement in an emergency.

  1. Juices:

Although juice can be beneficial for post-workout recovery, consuming sugary and unhealthy drinks before a workout can be harmful. Under these conditions, blood sugar levels rise. In addition, consuming large amounts of juices before exercise forces you to urinate more often and preventing you from exercising.

  1. Nut Butter / Healthy Fats:

Although some items like nut butter and  avocados are  good body options, most people cannot use them when exercising because they make them heavier. As you know, fats take longer to digest.

Macronutrients can also cause acid reflux in some runners. Therefore, it is best to only eat 15 grams of fat before a workout. This equates to a tablespoon of nut butter, an ounce of cheese, or two large eggs.

  1. coffee:

Drinking drinks like tea, hot water with  lemon,  or  coffee can be  a good option during a workout, but keep in mind that excessive consumption of these drinks will force you to urinate.

In this case, you will not be able to perform  your exercise  properly. Studies show that caffeine can improve your physical strength. So if you want to use this option, you have two options:

  • Use caffeine pills or powder so that you do not need to pass urine and can exercise easily.
  • Give yourself twenty minutes to clean your digestive system before you go to the gym after drinking.
  1. an Apple:

As you know, apples are a natural source of caffeine and carbohydrates. So you might think using it before a workout would be a good option. But this is not true. Foods high in fiber can increase digestive function or cause diarrhea and nausea during exercise. Fiber is an important substance to regulate the process of defecation from the body, but it is preferable to eat substances such as apples after exercise.

  1. Sports drinks:

Polysaccharides such as sorbitol, xylitol, isomalt, and mannitol are not fully absorbed by the intestine. So it can cause gas, bloating  ,  diarrhea,  or other things. You know that you should avoid foods that contain added sugar. These substances are found in abundance in sports drinks, electrolyte tablets, and sports chocolate.

The thing to keep in mind is that you don’t need a special drink. While most people think these drinks are good for a pre-workout, this is not the case. The best option to replenish the body with water is to use pure water.

If you plan to jog for long distances, use sugar-free drinks that are rich in electrolytes (potassium – sodium – calcium …). Just read the food label to avoid purchasing ingredients that contain sugar.

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