For what purpose is the IP address used?
IP address

For what purpose is the IP address used?

IP address is the start of the private IP address range, which includes all IP addresses up to For this reason, this IP address is not usually used on a network. In other words, this address is not assigned to a phone or computer on a network.

But some networks that contain but do not start with this address can use it for a device without any problems. To make matters clearer, is a common IP address assigned to home routers.

This IP address is used because the router is located on the network ID Similarly, routers on the network are usually assigned a local private IP address of

Why do most devices not use

Each Internet Protocol (IP) network contains a consecutive range of addresses. The first address number in this range is used by the protocol itself to identify the entire network. These so-called network numbers usually end in zero.

An address such as will no longer be used for other purposes after being assigned a network number. For example, if a network administrator attempts to assign to a device on the network as an IP static address, the entire network loses its functionality until the device disconnects from the network.

Note that if a network is set to a very wide range (for example, a network that extends from to it can still theoretically still be used as an address from Used the device. This is why devices whose IP address ends with zero are rarely seen on networks.

How wide is the network?

The size of a network depends on the selected network mask. for example:

  • : Range between to with 65,534 hosts
  • : Range between to with 16,382 hosts
  • : Range between to with 254 hosts

Home routers running on the network often use in their configuration, which means that they use at their local gateway address. This setting allows the network to assign IP addresses to 254 different devices. That’s a lot for a home network.

Note that home networks can only handle a limited number of devices simultaneously, and as soon as the number of devices connected to the router exceeds 5-7 devices simultaneously, many network performance problems occur. This is not due to network limitations of, but issues such as signal interference and bandwidth sharing will reduce network performance. How does it work?

The decimal point symbol in the IP address converts binary numbers used by computers into human-readable structures. The binary numbers associated with are equivalent to the following values:

11000000 10101000 00000000 00000000

As a network number, this address is used in routing tables and by routers to share network information with others.


Many other zero-ended addresses can be used as an alternative. As mentioned above, home routers are usually installed on the network instead of

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