Foxit PDF Viewer for .NET SDK 1.02.27426

Foxit PDF Viewer for .NET SDK is a .NET library where developers can embed customizable .NET controls in any application as a WinForm application. This library eliminates the need for other developers to rely on external supervisors to display or interact with PDF documents. Foxit PDF Viewer for .NET SDK Library is easy to use, after adding the display control to the form, use the following code to run the PDF file from one path.

C # and code:

pdfViewer.Open (@ ”C: DocumentA.pdf”);

This library is available under two licenses. A standard license (100 distributions) allows the developer to distribute a hybrid application for 100 devices. In the standard license (unlimited license) the developer can distribute the hybrid program for an unlimited number of devices.

Features of Foxit PDF Viewer for .NET SDK:

  • View PDF documents from a file or Byte Array
  • Open encrypted PDF files
  • Display without toolbar
  • Customize the viewing window
  • Navigate to specific pages
  • Control screen zoom and visible areas
  • Move back and forth
  • Retrieve lines (bookmarks)
  • Search and highlight keywords
  • Print PDF files
  • Retrieve document permissions
  • Retrieve the number of pages
  • Retrieve document details (title, author, keywords, etc.)
  • Able to track pages and screen positions
  • Display images embedded directly in PDF

How to use in Visual Studio:

1. Create a Windows Form application.

2. Open the Toolbox (Ctrl + Alt + X)

3. Right-click on the Toolbox window and select Choose Items.

4. From the Choose Toolbox Items window, click on the .NET Framework Components tab and select PdfViewer

5. From the Toolbox, drag the tool onto the form. Double click on it and enter the following code (change the address):

pdfViewer.Open (@ ”C: TempHelloWorld.pdf”);

Installation guide

Add the dlls in the Crack folder to the Visual Studio toolbox depending on the type of .NET version used.

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Download Foxit PDF Viewer for .NET SDK 1.02.27426

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