Fracture Analysis FRANC3D 6.0.5

Fracture Analysis FRANC3D 6.0.5


FRANC3D is a 3D crack growth simulation software designed in engineering structures where geometry components, local loading conditions and evolutionary crack geometry can be arbitrarily complex.

Features and specifications of FRANC3D software:

  • Based on the finite element method
  • Major FE solver interface such as: ANSYS, ABAQUS, NX / NASTRAN, and MSC / NASTRAN
  • Supports limited volume cavities and zero volume volumes
  • Supports all types of cracks (elliptical, through thickness and…)
  • Supports multiple crack views, multiple cracks and more
  • Graphical user interface includes several wizards and dialogs for crack placement, crack growth and analysis
  • Mesh adaptation of a finite element model to simulate crack growth
  • The mesh smoothing algorithm is used to improve the quality of the element
  • Stress intensity factors can be calculated for both isotropic and anisotropic materials to change temperature and crack tensile or contact pressure
  • Calculation of stress intensity factors associated with all three fracture states along with nodal points associated with cracks
  • Stress intensity factors are stored in the FRANC3D database for each crack
  • Supports multiple options for calculating torsion angle and relative gap expansion
  • Use polynomial curves to fit crack views
  • Fully automated crack growth process including flat crack growth and the ability to monitor crack growth and evaluate results using the post-processing module in FRANC3D
  • Provide a Python-based user interface to automate repetitive tasks and a strategy for FRANC3D with other computing programs
  • Provide a more efficient method for designing engineering parts

Installation guide

This version does not need to be installed. Just run the original executable file from the run folder.

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