Franzis CUTOUT Professional + Portable

Franzis CUTOUT Professional + Portable

Franzis CUTOUT is the name of graphic application software to separate a part of your images. As you know, many promotional images are edited. Using this software, you can cut different components of your image and place it on your desired background. You can use this software as a powerful and accurate tool to cut your images for advanced editing. Also, the software in front of you has various practical tools. The very high accuracy of this software helps you to do what you need.

Franzis CUTOUT software is also used for very high resolution images. If you are also a professional photographer and you want to edit the pictures of the people you take and put them in another background, this software will be a great choice for you. The software in front of you also has special tools for improving the face. This software cuts the components of an image with a tool called Chroma key-Matting in a complete and very accurate way. Working with this software is also very simple and in such a way that you do not need very high precision for accurate cuts and this software will help you.

Features and specifications of Franzis CUTOUT software:

  • Benefit from a very convenient and efficient user interface with the ability to choose light and color
  • Benefit from a variety of tools to make your work easier
  • Very high accuracy in recognizing and cutting components of your images
  • Existence of image mask utility tool

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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Download Franzis CutOut 9 Professional Multilingual

 Franzis CutOut 9 Professional Multilingual Portable


Download Franzis CutOut for Profiseller 1.0 v5.0.0.1

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