From now on you are allowed to hack your WiFi router!

From now on you are allowed to hack your WiFi router!

Using open source firmwares for wireless routers and tampering with their systems has been a challenge in recent years, and the FCC Foundation has always taken a stand against it.But it is the foundation that sets and pursues standards for wireless, radio and Wi-Fi networks; A few months ago, he started a study on open source firmwares.

According to Mediasoft; The foundation now concludes that the use of open source firmwares such as DD-WRT or Tomato includes many network security and enhancement capabilities and features, helping users to access a new generation of network management software systems.

Therefore, the foundation released a license to manipulate and use these firmwares for free home and office users. Prior to this, tampering with the WiFi router or changing its firmware was considered a violation and hacking, and in case of any problem, it was prosecuted. For example, managers of hotels or restaurants and large chain stores were not allowed to tamper with their WiFi router firmware because they were accused of hacking the router and should be held accountable for any security or privacy breaches.

In the world of networking, several open source firmwares are being developed, the most famous of which is DD-WRT. This firmware is installed on some routers on the market, such as Linuxis or Buffalo routers, but users can install the firmware themselves on other compatible routers. The sites of these firmwares have the latest compatible router models as well as the latest stable and error-free versions for download.

If you decide to install one of these firmwares, be sure to read the safety recommendations and guides published on the website or websites of the router manufacturers and start installing with full caution, because any problem will cause your router to crash and the main firmware of the factory Also be spoiled and cleaned.