Frontend Masters - Complete Intro to Real-Time 2021
Complete Intro to Real-Time

Frontend Masters – Complete Intro to Real-Time 2021


Complete Intro to Real-Time is a Real-Time application development course published by Front & Masters Academy. Immediate applications are those applications that respond immediately and without any time interruption to the user’s action and command, and the user can communicate with the operating system or application at the same time without any waste of time…

Real-time applications are a relatively revolutionary technology in web development and can be used in interactive and advanced applications. The user experience of real-time applications is excellent and the speed of interaction with them is several times faster than regular applications. Among the most important topics of this training course are polling with JavaScript and NodeJS, building a web socket, library, HTTP2 protocol, and…

What you will learn in the Complete Intro to Real-Time course:

  • Familiarity with polling operations and frequent and active sending of requests to check the status of the application and the user’s input and output
  • Implement polling with setTimeout command in JavaScript-based applications
  • RequestAnimationFrame method to stop the polling process
  • Manage unsuccessful requests with backup techniques
  • Introducing the types of web protocols and communication methods each
  • Work with the Socket.IO library and establish instant communication between client and server

Course specifications

Publisher: Front & Masters
Instructor: Brian Holt
Language: English
Level: Medium
Courses: 20
Duration: 3 hours and 25 minutes

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Complete Intro to Real-Time course topics



HTTP / 2

WebSockets By Hand


Wrapping Up

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 Complete Intro to Real-Time

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