Frontend Masters - CSS Grid & Flexbox for Responsive Layouts, v2 2021
CSS Grid

Frontend Masters – CSS Grid & Flexbox for Responsive Layouts, v2 2021


CSS Grid & Flexbox for Responsive Layouts is a website layout training course with Flexbox and Grid, published by the specialized academy of Front & Masters. Flexbox and Grid are two new trends in the field of page layout and layout of websites that have solved many problems and challenges of old and outdated column systems and opened new horizons in the field of design and development of the website user side. Creating responsive and mobile-friendly websites with Flexbox and Grid is very easy and you will not face any particular problems.

This training course is completely project-oriented and in addition to flexbox and grid, you will also learn responsive and image optimization techniques for websites.

What you will learn in the CSS Grid & Flexbox for Responsive Layouts course:

  • Flexbox and its configuration methods
  • Container and Child elements in Flexbox
  • Coding a column-based system in Flexbox
  • Media queries and website responsiveness
  • Create a Text Overlay effect with Flexbox
  • Headers and news in different websites and design methods and page layout are these two important elements
  • Build responsive and optimized images
  • Columns and rows in the grid and the sizing of each

Course specifications

Publisher: Fronted & Masters
Instructor: Jen Kramer
Language: English
Level: Medium
Courses: 43
Duration: 5 hours and 49 minutes

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CSS Grid Course topics



Flexbox Grid System

Flexbox Practice

Flexbox Header & Navbar

Responsive Images & Picture Element

CSS Grid

Grid System

Wrapping Up

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CSS Grid

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