Frontend Masters - Introduction to Next.js 2020
Introduction to Next.js

Frontend Masters – Introduction to Next.js 2020


Introduction to Next.js is the Next.js FullStructure framework training course published by Front & Masters Academy. Next.js is a powerful Full Stack framework based on React that is used to build static websites and web applications such as blogs and online documentation. This framework is fully scalable and can be used in the development of semi-heavy and heavy applications.

Among the most important features of the Next.js framework are the ability to build hybrid websites (semi-static and semi-dynamic), server-side rendering, full script support, full compatibility with Vanilla JavaScript, React and Ninety GS, professional web page navigation, API development, building professional subdomains, developing multilingual websites, image optimization and more.

What you will learn in the Introduction to Next.js course:

  • Full Stack Website Development with Next.js
  • Initial installation of Next.js
  • Server -side rendering
  • Design and development of single-page applications (single page)
  • Create nested paths and web pages with Next.js
  • Routing and switching between different pages of a website using the Link component
  • Add CSS codes and CSS modules to Next.js websites
  • Add Theme UI library to applications and applications
  • Different website rendering modes
  • Build dynamic pages with the getServerSideProps command

Course specifications

Publisher: Front & Masters
Instructor: Scott Moss
Language: English
Level: Medium
Courses: 31
Duration: 3 hours and 56 minutes

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Introduction to Next.js

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