Frontend Masters - Python Fundamentals 2019 + Subtitles
Python Fundamentals

Frontend Masters – Python Fundamentals 2019 + Subtitles


Python Fundamentals is a course on the basics of Python programming language, which is offered in a completely project-oriented way by the specialized academy of Frant & Masters. Among the most important topics of this course are the types of data types in Python such as the type of tuples and dictionaries, the process of control flow in Python programs and software with loops, Boolean and logical expressions, Conditional and return expressions, functions, and construction of reusable functions, working with various files in the Python file system, receiving and retrieving information from the server via API and کرد.

What you will learn in the Python Fundamentals course:

  • Types of datatypes in Python such as tuples and dictionaries
  • Control flow process in Python programs and software with loops
  • Boolean and logical expressions
  • Conditional expressions and returns
  • Functions and build reusable functions
  • Variables
  • Pass arguments to a specific function
  • Scope functions
  • Lists and collections

Course specifications

Publisher: Front & Masters
Instructor: Nina Zakharenko
Language: English
Level: Introductory
Number of Courses: 53
Duration: 4 hours and 40 minutes

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Python Fundamentals Course Topics


Data Types

Data Types





Boolean Logic

Looping & Control Flow


Wrap Up

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Python Fundamentals

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