Frontend Masters – Redux Fundamentals (feat React) 2021
Redux Fundamentals

Frontend Masters – Redux Fundamentals (feat React) 2021


Redux Fundamentals (feat React) is a Redox JavaScript library training course published by Front & Masters Academy. Redax is a very useful library that is usually used in conjunction with the React framework and is used in the process of developing medium and large applications. Redax can help developers centralize and manage the various properties of a project.

Inspired by Facebook’s flux architecture, the library performs very well. Redax holds all the states of an application inside an object called the Store. These states are read-only and the user can not change them directly. You must use Action to make the change.

The change of state in Redax-based applications is done by a function called reducer. This function receives two parameters, state, and action, and then outputs a new state. Redax is commonly used in medium and heavy React applications, but sometimes you may find it alongside other frameworks such as Angular and View. Redax is highly compatible and can even be used in raw JavaScript-based applications.

There are various tools and functions in the Redux library ecosystem, the most important of which are Reselect, Immer, and…

What you will learn in the Redux Fundamentals (feat React) course:

  • Initial installation and configuration of Redux
  • Reducer function
  • Determine and call states from the Store object
  • Dispatch function
  • Connect Redax to React framework
  • Asynchronous Actions

Course specifications

Publisher: Front & Masters
Instructor: Steve Kinney
Language: English
Level: Medium
Number of Courses: 47
Duration: 4 hours and 41 minutes

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Redux Fundamentals (feat React) Course Topics


Redux Without React

Hooking It Up With React

Connecting Redux to React

Selectors and Reselect


Redux Toolkit

Asynchronous Actions

Wrapping Up

Redux Fundamentals Course pictures


Redux Fundamentals

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