Frontend Masters - Web Assembly (Wasm) 2021
Web Assembly

Frontend Masters – Web Assembly (Wasm) 2021


Web Assembly (Wasm) is a web assembly training course published by Front & Masters Academy. Web assembly is a modern and revolutionary technology that helps developers execute low-level, high-performance code (such as C-based applications) in the browser environment.

Developers can use Web Assembly to run large C and C ++ based applications such as games, graphics engines, desktop applications, and… on browsers.

Among the most important topics of this training course are the construction and compilation of modules with different programming languages ​​and then the implementation of modules in the web environment, low-level programming languages, memory management, types of data types, AssemblyScript programming language, and … Cited.

What you will learn in the Web Assembly (Wasm) course:

  • Familiarity with different types of data storage units such as bits and bytes
  • Base number 16 or hexadecimal
  • Convert raw numbers to binary, decimal, and hexadecimal values ​​with the toString method in JavaScript
  • In-depth understanding of RAM or cache functionality in computer systems
  • Numerical data types such as integers and audits
  • Install web assembly environment
  • Familiarity with .wasm and .wat formats
  • Develop modules and call them by JavaScript
  • Push and pop commands in the stack in assembly language
  • Stack and OpCode
  • Install and configure AssemblyScript projects in Visual Studio

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Course specifications

Publisher: Front & Masters
Instructor: Jem Young
Language: English
Level: Advanced
Courses: 27
Duration: 3 hours and 43 minutes

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Web Assembly


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Web Assembly

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