Fstoppers – Where Art Meets Architecture 4 2022
Where Art Meets

Fstoppers – Where Art Meets Architecture 4 2022


Where Art Meets Architecture 4 is the name of the fourth training course on how to photograph luxury architecture and real estate, published by the fstoppers website.

For the fourth installment of our Where Art Meets Architecture series, we want to take you inside some of Los Angeles’ most expensive homes to learn about Modras’ meticulous photography process that has helped him land the biggest jobs of his career. In this training, you will learn all the updated techniques of the course instructor while photographing, editing, and running his business. Most of the locations in this tutorial are multi-million dollar homes designed by unique architects who keep lighting at the forefront of their design.

When you walk through these spaces, it’s often difficult to find a bad angle or poor lighting conditions. Instead of painting most of his scenes with light, as was done in the past, Modares focuses more on using available light and limits his shot list and compositions to create artistic, stunning, and architectural photographs. Although many of the houses were fully designed and only needed a few shots to be painted, the smoky skies and incomplete buildings presented Madras with major problems that only Photoshop could fix. For each lesson, you’ll see that the most up-to-date post-processing techniques are used.

What you will learn in the course:

  •  Different color correction techniques
  •  Cloning and healing
  •  Make perfect choices
  •  Minimize distortion
  •  Using radiance masks
  •  The combination of imperfect construction and the removal of visual obstacles
  •  Create a cohesive look between images
  •  Adding sunset colors to a dull sky
  •  Full sky replacement

Course details

Publisher: fstoppers
Instructor: Mike Kelley
Language: English
Education level: introductory to advanced
Number of lessons: 31
Duration of training: 14 hours

Course headings

Locations and Shooting


Business and Interviews

Course prerequisites

Where Art Meets Course images


Where Art Meets

Where Art Meets Installation guide

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