FTI FormingSuite 2020.0.0 Build 27862.1 x64

FormingSuite is software for simulating the forming process and estimating its costs. Using incremental analysis techniques and finite element analysis methods, this program is able to design, model and simulate different molds by shaping method. No prior knowledge of finite element analysis is required to work with this program. The user interface of the program provides all the features in a user-friendly manner and performs all calculations in the background automatically. You work with graphical tools and receive results in 3D or in the form of detailed reports and information tables. Projects are built as module-based so you can change the module at any stage of the project. This program provides you with advanced features that you may not have seen in similar programs, or at least this program is not implemented well.

FormingSuite is able to accurately estimate the cost of producing plates. These calculations will be very useful in predicting the costs required to set up a workshop or factory product line and give us a good perspective on the future ahead. The molds and sheets that are designed and modeled in this program can be easily used in the drilling and hardening processes. The program is able to automatically extract the geometry of the mold. The program closely monitors the forming processes of metal molds and with finite element analysis is able to provide intelligent suggestions to improve the design. You can perform all preprocessing and post-processing processes in an integrated graphical environment.

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Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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