FusionCharts Suite XT 3.13.1 SR1 with all Maps

FusionCharts Suite XT 3.13.1 SR1 with all Maps

FusionCharts Suite XT is a comprehensive chart solution library with over 90 different charts and 1000 maps. This collection includes 4 products, each of which has a specific purpose and includes a variety of different charts.

FusionCharts XT:  Has over 40 different charts. Graphs of all systems including columns, bars, lines, area, stacked and combined diagrams

FusionWidgets XT: Create up-to-date data on dashboards and monitors. Wide range of measuring instruments and diagrams including speedometer diagram, lamp gauge, Gantt chart, funnel and pyramid

PowerCharts XT: A set of advanced chart widgets for specific domain usage including network charts, performance analysis, financial planning and more.

FusionMaps XT: Over a thousand maps. Including all countries, US states and regions in Europe for business information such as regional income, employment level with place of administration

FusionCharts Suite XT brings you the best JavaScript charts in the industry with exciting animations and clever layout.

Features of FusionCharts Suite XT:

  • Extract charts in JPEG, PNG and PDF images for use in emails
  • Draw huge amounts of data like stock comparisons for a decade with highly interactive zooming and moving charts
  • Smart Tag Management: Automatically select the best place for tags or choose from 4 available modes
  • Create stocks, build and monitor network applications with charts that can be updated automatically
  • Add number prefixes and suffixes, control decimal accuracy and define number scales
  • Add context to charts and help users interpret data

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