Fuzzy Logic – Database and Queries

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Fuzzy Logic – Database and Queries

We have now studied in our earlier chapters that Fuzzy Logic is an method to computing primarily based on “levels of reality” quite than the standard “true or false” logic. It offers with reasoning that’s approximate quite than exact to resolve issues in a means that extra resembles human logic, therefore database querying course of by the 2 valued realization of Boolean algebra is just not enough.

Fuzzy State of affairs of Relations on Databases

The Fuzzy State of affairs of Relations on Databases could be understood with the assistance of the next instance −


Suppose now we have a database having the data of individuals who visited India. In easy database, we can have the entries made within the following means −

Title Age Citizen Visited Nation Days Spent 12 months of Go to
John Smith 35 U.S. India 41 1999
John Smith 35 U.S. Italy 72 1999
John Smith 35 U.S. Japan 31 1999

Now, if anybody queries about the one who visited India and Japan within the yr 99 and is the citizen of US, then the output will present two entries having the identify of John Smith. That is easy question producing easy output.

However what if we wish to know whether or not the individual within the above question is younger or not. In accordance with the above consequence, the age of the individual is 35 years. However can we assume the individual to be younger or not? Equally, identical factor could be utilized on the opposite fields like days spent, yr of go to, and many others.

The answer of the above points could be discovered with the assistance of Fuzzy Worth units as follows −

  • FV(Age){ very younger, younger, considerably outdated, outdated }
  • FV(Days Spent){ barely few days, few days, fairly a number of days, many days }
  • FV(12 months of Go to){distant previous, current previous, current }
  • Now if any question can have the fuzzy worth then the consequence may even be fuzzy in nature.

Fuzzy Question System

A fuzzy question system is an interface to customers to get data from the database utilizing (quasi) pure language sentences. Many fuzzy question implementations have been proposed, leading to barely completely different languages. Though there are some variations in keeping with the particularities of various implementations, the reply to a fuzzy question sentence is usually a listing of data, ranked by the diploma of matching.