Fuzzy Logic – Decision Making

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Fuzzy Logic – Choice Making

It’s an exercise which incorporates the steps to be taken for selecting an appropriate various from these which are wanted for realizing a sure aim.

Steps for Choice Making

Allow us to now talk about the steps concerned within the determination making course of −

  • Figuring out the Set of Options − On this step, the alternate options from which the choice needs to be taken have to be decided.
  • Evaluating Various − Right here, the alternate options have to be evaluated in order that the choice could be taken about one of many alternate options.
  • Comparability between Options − On this step, a comparability between the evaluated alternate options is completed.

Kinds of Choice

Making We’ll now perceive the various kinds of determination making.

Particular person Choice Making

In this sort of determination making, solely a single individual is accountable for taking choices. The choice making mannequin on this variety could be characterised as −

  • Set of potential actions
  • Set of targets Gi(iXn);Gi(i∈Xn);
  • Set of Constraints Cj(jXm)Cj(j∈Xm)

The targets and constraints acknowledged above are expressed by way of fuzzy units.

Now contemplate a set A. Then, the aim and constraints for this set are given by −

Gi(a)Gi(a) = composition[Gi(a)][Gi(a)] = G1i(Gi(a))Gi1(Gi(a)) with G1iGi1

Cj(a)Cj(a) = composition[Cj(a)][Cj(a)] = C1j(Cj(a))Cj1(Cj(a)) with C1jCj1 for aAa∈A

The fuzzy determination within the above case is given by −


Multi-person Choice Making

Choice making on this case consists of a number of individuals in order that the professional data from numerous individuals is utilized to make choices.

Calculation for this may be given as follows −

Variety of individuals preferring xixi to xjxj = N(xi,xj)N(xi,xj)

Whole variety of determination makers = nn

Then, SC(xi,xj)=N(xi,xj)nSC(xi,xj)=N(xi,xj)n

Multi-objective Choice Making

Multi-objective determination making happens when there are a number of goals to be realized. There are following two points in this sort of determination making −

  • To amass correct info associated to the satisfaction of the goals by numerous alternate options.
  • To weigh the relative significance of every goal.

Mathematically we will outline a universe of n alternate options as −


And the set of “m” goals as O=[o1,o2,...,oi,...,on]O=[o1,o2,…,oi,…,on]

Multi-attribute Choice Making

Multi-attribute determination making takes place when the analysis of alternate options could be carried out primarily based on a number of attributes of the thing. The attributes could be numerical information, linguistic information and qualitative information.

Mathematically, the multi-attribute analysis is carried out on the premise of linear equation as follows −