G.Skill offers DDR4 memory modules with an incredible frequency of 4133 MHz

G. SKILL, a leading and innovative manufacturer of professional memory modules and solid state drives; Today introduced a DDR4 memory kit with an incredible speed of 4133 MHz. The frequency of these modules is only 222 MHz, which is far from the G.SKILL overclocking world record. Using the sixth generation of Intel Core processors and motherboards based on the Z170 chipset, G.SKIL has taken the frequency of DDR4 modules in dual-channel configuration to a new level that we have never seen before.

Trident Z extreme high-speed memory kits, available in 8GB modules, are now available in 3600MHz to 4133MHz. High-speed modules with a frequency of more than 4 GHz are only available in 16 GB kits consisting of two 8 GB modules. Meanwhile, 32 GB kits are offered with a maximum frequency of 3733 MHz.



G.SKILL announces that the latest Trident Z series memory modules have been specially optimized for use with the sixth generation of Core i-7 processors with Intel XMP 2.0 configuration. The Trident series modules have always been acclaimed for their unparalleled overclocking power, and the Trident Z Extreme series is certainly no exception. The new Trident Z series has high-quality aluminum heat exchangers with different and attractive colors, which allow them to match the overall color of the system while showing the best heat dissipation.

The price or time of release of these high-speed kits is not known yet.