GAEA Winsieve 1.20

GAEA Winsieve 1.20

WinSieve is software from GAEA Technologies in the field of geology that specializes in the study of fine grains, their classification and sedimentological information for engineers. Using this program, you can edit and print analytical charts on particle size in several different design standards and formats. Particle size analysis can include screening data, sedimentology and hydrometric granulation test based on ASTM D-422 method. In WinSieve, each analytic chart consists of three parts: chart, chart guide – which is optional, and title. The result of granulation analysis can be plotted up to 5 experiments on a graph. In addition, the granulation characteristics can be entered on the graph. Below each diagram, a classification system is drawn so that it can be easily compared with the sample results. Various classification systems are supported in this program, including:
BS 5930
Modified Wentworth
Detailed Modified Wentworth
In addition, WinSieve includes an optional guide at the top and bottom of the chart where sample information, classification results, and granulation analysis can be placed. There is also a header or title at the top or bottom of each chart that can be used to display the company logo, site map, project name, sample information and other similar texts.

Winsieve Features:

  • Store the information of each project in the Access database
  • Support for popular granularity standards with the ability to increase them
  • Ability to define custom time for hydrometric testing
  • Ability to plot up to 5 granulation experiments in a graph
  • Ability to place similar granulation specifications on different charts
  • Automatic calculation of the percentage of soil components
  • Automatic calculation of data classification, D10, D30, D60, Cu and Cc
  • Automatic calculation of averages, skewness, statistical data elongation and sorting
  • Ability to use classification systems (Unified, USDA, Modified Wentworth, AASHTO, International, Australian) and select the template to apply to all screening analytical tests.
  • Easy customization of scales, line styles, dot tagging, titles and layouts and help, headers and more.
  • Ability to compare specifications and test results

Installation guide

After installation, copy the file in the Crack folder to the program installation location.

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