The Galaxy Labs app allows you to adjust the frequency of the phone’s processor

Galaxy Labs
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The Galaxy Labs app has just been released, giving users of Samsung phones access to adjust their CPU frequency.

In fact, it allows people with Samsung phones to manage the CPU and overclock or overclock it when the processor is operating at a lower frequency due to system overheating.

Galaxy Labs app

Smartphones all automatically slow down the processor and slow down when they reach a certain temperature to ensure that the phone is working properly. However, control over this type of setting is never in the hands of the user, and without rooting the phone and using special programs, the CPU frequency can not be increased or decreased.

Features of the Galaxy Labs app

Galaxy Labs app

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Labs app has been released since 2016 and is designed for users who want to make system changes to their phone. For example, initially features such as Battery Guardian and Battery Tracker were included in the program, which will include some tips for saving energy and watching the battery consumption process, respectively.

Another feature of this program is the use of Galaxy App Booster mode, which in a test taken on the Galaxy S21, is said to increase the executive power by about 15%, which is great for gaming experience and playing heavy games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty Mobile will be great. Of course, Samsung itself has suggested that users always use this feature once a week or after software updates to enjoy the ultimate in speed and optimization on their Galaxy phone.

In addition to this program, there is another feature called Memory Guardian that helps you see running programs and free up more RAM to open multiple programs at the same time.

You can download and install the Galaxy Labs app through the dedicated Galaxy Store.

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