With the Galaxy Smart Tag, you will not lose any other device

Smart Tag
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Galaxy Smart Tag – Samsung Smart Tag is a new Samsung gadget that connects to your personal devices and can help you find them.


In the heavy shadow of introducing Samsung’s flagships for the first half of 2021, namely the Galaxy S21 – Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus – Galaxy S21 Plus, as well as the Galaxy Earbuds Pro – Galaxy Earbuds Pro, the Koreans introduced other products that, although as large as the Galaxy S21 They are not new, but they will have many uses. The Galaxy Smart Tag is a new product from Samsung that, although small in size and many people are unaware of its nature, can be a great help in developing homes and smart devices.

But what exactly is the Galaxy Smart Tag? In short, the Galaxy Smart Tag is a small battery-powered device that sends information to smartphones via Bluetooth. This gadget is designed to connect to various devices that are likely to get lost, so you can easily find it with the new Samsung product. The body of the device is made of hard and durable plastic and there is a hole in one of the corners so that you can hang it from your keychain or other devices.

The SmartTag is based on Bluetooth-based low-power technology (Bluetooth LE), but its functionality is not limited to producing sound within the range of your mobile signal. The “smart” extension of this gadget indicates that it can use any nearby Galaxy device to send location information to its owner.

Sending information is done using the Samsung SmartThings Find app, and you must add the device to this app. Then, by connecting to your account, you can set a missing alert for it to communicate with your phone. Imagine a smart tag hanging from your keychain and falling between park lights. If someone walks by with your Galaxy phone, the Smart Tag will connect to it and send you a notification to let you know their location. Sending signals and notifications to your phone will be encrypted, so there is no need to worry about disclosing personal information.

Of course, instead of strangers, you can also search for your lost device by following the recent routes, and as you approach the smart tag, its signal will be displayed. As you get closer to the gadget, you can send a command to create a sound so you can find your device more easily.

Smart tags are more efficient than you think

Galaxy Smart Tag

There is a button on the smart tag that by pressing it twice, you can turn on your mobile phone and find it. So for those who are constantly losing their mobile phone, a smart tag can be placed on the table or next to the bed to easily find their smartphone. But why do we have to press the button twice? Because Samsung has several customizable functions for pressing this button once.

For example, if you have a smart light bulb, you can turn it on or off by synchronizing the smart tag and the light bulb. You can also sync it with the car switch to turn off the headlights when you are out of the car. With the proliferation of smart home appliances, the peripherals of smart tags will also increase.

Samsung has been drawing the line for Apple with the Galaxy Smart Tag from the beginning. There has long been talk of Apple developing and building the AirTag, which will likely have a similar function to Samsung, and the Koreans have taken the lead in making such products with the introduction of the SmartTag. Of course, Apple AirTag will only be compatible with Apple devices and the Find My app.

Galaxy Smart Tag

Both Samsung’s Smart Tag and Apple’s Airteg are inspired by the Tile Tracker. The main problem Tile struggled with was the lack of a hardware platform and large ecosystems such as Samsung and Apple, which prevented him from continuing his success. Of course, if you connect with a Tile device, you should hope that only those who have installed the Tile app can find your device. This limitation will obviously have a huge negative impact on your chances of finding your device.

As you probably know, Samsung will give away a Galaxy Smart Tag with every pre-order of the Galaxy S21. If you are planning to buy a new Samsung flagship, it is better to proceed through pre-purchase so that you can get the Samsung Smart Tag for free and be one of the first people to test this gadget.

But if you do not want to buy the S21 series, you can buy the Smart Tag for $ 29.99. At tonight’s event, Samsung announced the launch of SmarTag + in the near future, which uses broadband technology to display the location of your lost objects with greater accuracy and augmented reality. The price for this product, which will enter the market this year, is $ 49.99.

At first glance, the Galaxy Smart Tag may not be an amazing device, but if you can only find your lost items once with the help of this gadget, you will be very happy to have it.

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