GAMMIX S70 BLADE XPG SSDs for HDD ultimate speed

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E-Data introduced XPG GAMMIX S70 BLADE SSDs. These new memories are designed for professional systems that need lightning fast.

ADATA enters the field with a new family of SSDs. New series of XPG GAMMIX S70 BLADE memory for professional systems that need lightning fast.

ADATA offers its high-end gaming products under the XPG brand; XPG GAMMIX S70 BLADE is also a new product of this brand, which includes M.2 2280 SSD drives. The family supports the newcomer PCI-E 4.0 x4 bus and is used for gaming systems, rendering and even systems with fast networks such as 5G.

Introducing XPG GAMMIX S70 BLADE SSDs by e-data

XPG GAMMIX S70 BLADE drives can be installed on laptops and all types of computers. This family has an aluminum heat-resistant coating that pairs well with the chips and prevents thermal bottlenecks in heavy-duty applications. GAMMIX S70 BLADE memory can be installed on Intel Evo laptops. GAMMIX S70 BLADEs with a maximum capacity of 2 terabytes enter the market and support NVMe 1.4.


The data in this family uses NAND Flash 3D semiconductor chips and they have DRAM Cache buffer and Dynamic SLC cache. The maximum read and write speeds of the S70 series are 7400 and 6400 MB per second, respectively. Support for RAID Engine, End-to-End Data Protection (E2E), 256-bit AES encryption and debugging technology are other features of the newly introduced XPG SSDs.

E-Data Company has included the XPG GAMMIX S70 BLADE memories with a 5-year warranty, which shows that they are guaranteed to have a long life in the read and write section (TBW).


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