What is the Gcam app and how is it installed on Android phones?
Gcam app

What is the Gcam app and how is it installed on Android phones?

The Gcam app emulates Google’s camera for the Pixel series phones, and in this article we will show you how to install it on other Android devices.


Pixel phones always receive interesting features due to the direct support of their manufacturer, Google, one of which is the Google Camera app . This advanced program uses its features to allow users to experience augmented reality images or higher quality video recording, but the important thing about it is that Google Camera is only available on the Pixel series devices by default.

What is Gcam?

Google Camera Gcam app

The Gcam app is actually a simulated version of Google’s camera on pixel phones, which is hacked in various versions after the official update for Google Camera is released, and its capabilities are transferred to the manipulated app.

Previous versions of the Google Camera app for installation on other Android devices have been hacked in the past, but this time with the release of the new version 8.0, users have not been able to upgrade it. However, today the Mod version of this version is finally available and you can download it for your device.

Install the Gcam app

Gcam 8.0 Camera Features

Video recording at 60 frames per second (and 4K quality on some devices).
Quick button to change video resolution
Automatic DND mode when shooting
Advanced light and HDR quality settings for more natural images
Optimized augmented reality (AR)
settings Updated settings

Version 8.0 of this program is now available to everyone, but according to the creators, you should make sure that your phone’s operating system is Android 10; Because the capabilities of this new program will only be compatible with Android 10.

To download the program, click on this link and download and install the Apk file in the opened page. Also note that this app is currently in beta and may have some bugs. Additionally, if you are using an older device with a compatible camera, you can download and install version 7.4 or any version that is compatible with your device.


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