GdPicture.NET SDK Ultimate 14.1.81

GdPictureNET is a very powerful component for working with images and image processing in .NET. Using this component, you will be able to document all the information you want. GdPicture.NET Ultimate can document images and code loads. With this component, in addition to saving time and money, you will be able to have all the tools you need in one place. This component is fully compatible with WinForms, WPF, Web Development. GdPicture.NET Ultimate has both .NET and COM / ACTIVX components. This component allows developers to create, print, edit, or display their own document. This component also has the capabilities of Document Analysis and Optical Character Recognition (OCR, Forms Processing and OMR, and Image Processing And Manipulation.

Features of GdPictureNET:

– Support for ACTIVX, COM, Internet Explorer

– Rendering and displaying images

– Load Raster, Metafile, PSD, RAW images

– Create PDF and Raster images

– Support for PDF extensions

– TIFF support

– Read DICOM files

– Support for GIF, ICO, Bitmap

– Support PDF Bookmark and Navigation Control

– Create images, geometric objects and text files

– Scan TWAIN and WIA

– Create filters and effects for images

– Resize and rotate images

– Ability to create thumbnails and display and edit them

– Color recognition capability

– Ability to automatically detect documents

– Support for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR)

– Document Analysis feature

– Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability

– Forms Processing and OMR capability

– Image Processing And Manipulation capability

Installation guide

Use Keygen to generate and register the required key.

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Download GdPicture.NET SDK 14.0.81 Ultimate

Download GdPicture.NET SDK 14.0.74 Ultimate

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