Gearotic Motion 3.03000

Gearotic Motion 3.03000

Gearotic Motion is a 3D CAD / CAM software that allows you to design a variety of gear cycles. This software was initially designed only to provide ready-made gear molds, but gradually became a complete software package for developing a variety of 3D gears. Gearotic software can create gears individually or by combining several types to create a moving gear system.

With the help of Gearotic software, you can create, move, and simulate the movement paths of cutting tools for CNC, and extract the resulting geometric shape into three-dimensional files. This software has grown significantly in recent years and in addition to producing gear molds can design and produce various objects for 3D printing, clock wheel design , circular and non-circular gears, and even Celtic knots.

Features and specifications of Gearotic Motion software:

  • Design of various types of gear cycles
  • Provide ready-made gear molds
  • Powerful 3D design tools
  • Build single gears or combine a number of them
  • Animate and simulate the paths of cutting tools for CNC
  • Extract 3D files
  • Generate objects for 3D printing
  • Clockwork design, circular and non-circular gears, and Celtic knots

Installation guide

Before installation, reset the Windows date to before 2019. After installation, copy the patch and license files to the program installation location and always run the patch file program, which is actually a loader.

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