Gemcom GEMS 6.5 + New Crack

Gemcom GEMS 6.5 + New Crack

Gemcom GEMS is software in the field of group geology and mining planning. GEMS software provides a solution for professional mining in underground exploration, modeling, mine design, long-term planning and production scheduling. With GEMS ‘unique central database, geologists and engineers can access organized and updated geological and mining data.

Features and facilities of Gemcom GEMS:

  • Simple information flow, access to central data, increase compatibility, improve collaboration, provide information when needed to make decisions quickly
  • Microsoft Technology Standard Industry integrates with existing technology infrastructure and scalability assurance system
  • Import block model projects from external sources
  • Work on tasks such as estimating resources in one package and presenting them to another user
  • Reduce workflow steps with the ability to select multiple profiles at the same time
  • Working with large datasets and using more than 100 profiles with special “integration” and reporting
  • Advanced ability to import Optech 3D (.xyz files) and mesh files
  • Extensive ability to import and export Surpac string files
  • Import the Surpac digital terrain model file as surfaces or solids
  • Improved sorting capability in generating GEMS scheduling for more efficient scheduling
  • Maintaining a database of geological data
  • Statistical analysis of geological information
  • Design and planning of mining
  • Construction of HIA model real function according to surveying survey
  • Creation and maintenance of mine and graphic documents

Installation guide

See the Readme.txt file.

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