Generation Gap at Workplace - Introduction

Generation Gap at Workplace – Introduction

generation is defined by “an identifiable group that includes members based on their age and location and also based on any important life events in critical developmental stages, that spans up to 5 to 7 years.”

There are broadly two theories that support the above postulate −

  • The first theory identifies a “generation” as a group generally driven by their significant life events and sharing common thoughts, values and behaviors that differs from those born before or after them.
  • The second theory believes that despite the differences in their career, jobs, or life-cycle among members of different generations, they share a common expectation and desire from their employer. This view looks at generation through the prism of employment.


The Working age of Americans in 2008 was broadly divided into four generations to observe the difference in their functioning. They are −

  • The Traditional Generation Employees
  • The Baby-Boom Generation Employees
  • Generation-X Employees
  • Generation-Y Employees

In the subsequent chapters of this tutorial, we will discuss in detail about each of these generation types.