Generation-X Employees

Generation-X Employees

The next identifiable generation after the Boomers are the Generation X, which constitutes of members mostly born between 1968 and 1979 as per U.S. Census Bureau. However, experts extend the lower and the upper limits by 3 years each to accommodate all members.

They have acquired the name Generation X or X-ers after the publication of Douglas Coupland’s book about a generation of individuals who would come of age at the end of the 20th century.

Characteristics of Gen-X Employees

Most of the members of generation X are the offspring of the Boomers and witnessed multiple financial, familial and societal insecurities like the recession.


  • The financial insecurity due to the lay-off of their parents, stagnant job market, corporate downsizing, and limited wage mobility makes this generation full of individuals who earn lesser in comparison to their parents.
  • The familial insecurity has resulted in their being brought up in families with either working parents, or single parents, because of the high divorce rate.
  • The childhood of this generation was greatly influenced by MTV, worldwide competition, video games, and advent of computers. That helped them develop a strong technical skill, along with a desire for instant and immediate feedback for anything they accomplish.

Generation-X employees are also termed as the Baby-Bust Generation, because of their small size as compared to the earlier generations.