Genymotion 2.12.0

Genymotion 2.12.0

Genymotion is an Android emulator software for Windows operating system that supports most Android software well. This tool has the ability to run and load everything that runs on Android phones with exactly the same quality and features on the Windows operating system. In this way, it is easy to do many things faster with the possibility of synchronizing Genymotion and the tools used in it with a mobile phone. Genymotion provides full support for all major Android devices on the market, and you can test your apps on different phones and identify and fix problems.

Genymotion is actually a virtual machine or VM based on Virtual Box. GenyMotion offers you many capabilities in Android, the most important of which are WI-Fi and GPS and Android Command Line tool, IDE plugin for Android developers and many more. You can use GenyMotion for all testing, display, programming, and many other features on Android.

Features and features of Genymotion:

– Support for Android 2.3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4
– Ability to use GPS
– Ability to use the camera
– Ability to adjust the size and battery status of the device!
– Ability to run Android applications and games on Windows
– Ability to run games and software with the best possible quality
– Synchronize information between the phone and this application
– Ability to connect to the Internet
– Ability to backup files
– Having all the features of the Android operating system similar to mobile phones
– Compatible with various versions of Windows including the popular Windows 7 and 8
– Simulation of Android operating system
– Support for different phones and Android versions

Genymotion Program Tips:

– This version is compatible with 64-bit and 32-bit Windows.

– When installing, activate your internet and be sure to download and install the default updates and software.

– Both regular and included with VirtualBox.